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Romania's Western part (Timi County) facing climatic changes


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Beschreibung Until 20 years ago, an important part of Timi County was affected by humidity excess of different types. As a consequence were designed and installed many drainage arrangements which worked intensive, during the drought periods being created perfect conditions for most of the crops. Between 1990 and 2000 the situation has changed. The climatic changes together with the significant decrease of water table (result of intensive drainage) impose in the drought periods to be applied irrigation in order to assure proper conditions for agriculture. The combination intensive drainage - climate heating presents negative impact and upon wetlands. The water deficit encouraged a fast mudding which generated the possibility of open water surfaces by vegetation and the water quality degradation. The impacts are visible upon trophic chains.

Many countries are already feeling the effects of climate change. (Kannst du herausfinden, was?. We related species composition to climate variables and examined if tree and understorey species composition respond similarly to the climatic gradient. Among those future cities experiencing intense heat will . The climate of Romania is temperate continental transitioning into an oceanic climate on the eastern coast influenced by ScandinavianBaltic weather the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.Thus in the south there are some influences of a mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and stronger rainfalls in the cooler months especially in autumn.

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eBook - Romania's Western part (Timi County) facing climatic changes

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